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The Benefits of Transmutation:


Ingredients: Poplar Balsam, Damascus Rose, Ginger Lily, Osmanthus, Acacia, Narcissus

  • Transmuting to the aspects of the Will, moving the Will from lower aspects to higher
  • Purifying stress from the body
  • Diminishes the effects of trauma
  • Helps one to “let go” of the past
  • Purifying to the unconscious
  • Helps one to embrace change
  • May help calm down an over activated Meng Mein
  • Decreases body tension associated with poor sleep
  • Inhaled brings a soothing effect to the mind and thoughts
  • Topically (neat or ointment) can enhance the materialization process
  • Used for the materialization breath it can help purify the preconscious mind and activate the heart chakra (front and back)