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Student Support

Student Support

Now you have taken a class....

Enjoy and practice the class you took again and again at your own pace and convenience with the recordings and workbook PDF.

You can practice one section at a time or go through the whole booklet. Whatever works best for you. Practice directly from the workbook or relisten to the recorded class.

Remember Retakes are Free. So if there is a class you have taken, any time he teaches that class in the future, you can retake for free.

Our Monday Plant Prana Weekly Newsletter

Our Plant Prana Weekly Newsletter goes out every Monday and is the go-to for Plant Prana Oil info. It gives oils and protocol info, practice session links, updated blogs, YouTube updates, new product updates, and upcoming class information.

Practice Sessions

One of the fastest ways to get one on one feedback from Greg is to join us Tuesday for our Q&A. 6p-7:30p Central. You can also email us at info@plantpranaoils.com.

Tuesday we offer 2 Free Plant Prana practice sessions: 
1. Q&A and Protocol Practice from 6p-7:30p central, where anyone can join, ask questions, take notes and stay for an oil practice session.
2. Deeper Study Practice from 7:30p-8:15p. All can join in to do a deeper practice with the oils.

Wednesday Greg does 2 Astara Practice Sessions and 1 Plant Prana Study Group:
1. For Astara Practice 6-630p Central: Healing and Blessings. This is a great time to reset and receive healing for yourself.
2. Astara Mystic Vibrations Practice 6:30p-7pm Central. This session includes healing, prayer, mantra, and healing tools.

Both Plant Prana Tuesday and Astara Wednesday Practice links are in the Weekly Newsletter.

3. Wednesday at 7pm Central Greg does a special study group for whatever class was taught the previous weekend. We will send the Zoom link out on Wednesday around 6pm central to those who took the class.

Social Media

Because we do not want to bombard you with emails, we only send 2 regular emails a week; Monday Plant Prana Weekly Newsletter and Wednesday Class update email. 

We are updating and doing so many fun things throughout the week and we are getting those things posted on our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, and Instagram.

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We have a private Facebook Group just for students as well: Plant Prana Q&A where you can ask aromatherapy questions. Both Greg and other Plant Prana students are able to share and answer questions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1039867836399330

Almost every Sunday we have lunch at about 12p CST to do the Astara Sunday session and people have been asking, “What is Astara?” Here is a link to find out more. https://www.astara.org/

Greg became the president of Astara a few years ago. He is preserving it’s long legacy as a spiritual and healing mystery school.

And every Wednesday he does 2 Astara Zoom sessions. Free and Open to all. These Wednesday practices offer healing and teachings on many subjects. Join us any time and check some of the previous Astara sessions on their Astara YouTube channel.

Click Here to check out the Astara YouTube channel

One-on-One Session with Greg

If you would like to book a One on One Zoom Session with Greg, you can text 714 900 5100. Sessions are $90 and all proceeds go to Astara. Text your name and that you are wanting to book a session.

Enjoy these additional support opportunities.