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Plant Prana Oils Support

At Plant Prana we offer Essential Oil support for you in multiple ways.

The fastest one on one time available with Greg is our Tuesday Q&A. Just about every Tuesday from 6pm-7:30p Central Greg takes questions from students.

 For more specifics including the Zoom link to join our Q&A click here.

Our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/plantpranaoils. We have Free class recordings, full Tuesday Q&A recordings, and editted clips from questions students have asked.

 To check out our YouTube channel click here.

Our classes: Join us for any upcoming classes or check out our Previous Classes. Find the topic that most addresses your needs.

To check out all our upcoming classes click here.


To check out all our previous classes click here.

Email Us

Feel free to email us at info@plantpranaoils.com. Tell us your name and what you are wanting to address.

Our blog: Our blog has so much great information to help answers specific oil and symptom issues.

To check out our blog click here.

Our Plant Prana Weekly Newsletter goes out every Monday and is the go-to for Plant Prana Oil info. It gives oils and protocol info, practice session links, updated blogs, YouTube updates, new product updates, and upcoming class information.

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Greg offers Private One on One Zoom Sessions. If you would like to book a One on One Zoom Session with Greg, you can text 714 900 5100. Sessions are $90 and all proceeds go to Astara. Text your name and that you are wanting to book a session.

These are not Plant Prana Oil specific practices.

As president of Astara, Greg offers multiple esoteric practices every week.

Sunday Session, Tuesday Blessing the Astara Prayer Petitions, Wednesday Healing + Blessings, and Wednesday Mystic Vibration Session.

Click here to check out all the different Practices

These are not essential oil practices.

These practices are for those who have the specific healing tools.

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