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Upcoming Classes

Plant Prana Oil Classes

Discover the world of Plant Prana Oil classes, taught by Greg Toews. Greg brings together a wealth of knowledge from over 100,000 clinical therapy hours, over 25 years of teaching, and 35+ years of aromatherapy practice.

Experience flexibility with our recorded classes, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Join us live via Zoom or in person, immersing yourself in the learning style that suits you best.

Each weekend brings new and engaging classes covering a variety of topics. We address a spectrum of issues – physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual – providing a holistic approach to well-being.

Greg offers free classes every month, making Plant Prana Oils accessible to everyone. For those seeking a deeper dive, our paid classes come with essential oil gift kits, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive practice experience. Unlock your potential with Plant Prana Oil – where learning meets transformation.

We send out the Zoom link and Workbook PDF the Friday evening before Saturday’s class.

“Greg is an amazing teacher with an inspired insight into plants, oils and prana. Using essential oils takes healing, meditation, physical and mental bodies to another level. I had no idea what to expect when I took this class and was so impressed by the wealth, knowledge and experience of Greg Toews. I did not want the weekend to end. Bazillion stars and a shout out to Greg!” LF

Divine Protection and the Seven Soul Rays

Divine Protection and the Seven Soul Rays June 1 9am-6pm Central June 2 10am-6pm Central Live in Chicago and via Zoom Class will be recorded. Divine Protection and the Seven […]

Get Tickets $225.00 – $275.00

Transformation and the Inner Sense 2.0

Transformation and the Inner Sense 2.0 June 8 9a-6p Central June 9 10a-6p Central Retake for free if you have already taken the Transformation and Inner Sense class. Early Bird […]

Get Tickets Free – $275.00

Auric and Somatic Programming Continued

Auric and Somatic Programming Continued Keep working and clearing your auric programs. Sat June 15 9a-6p Central If you already have the Auric and Somatic Programming kit retake for free. […]

Get Tickets Free – $275.00

Regeneration of the Digestive Tract

Regeneration of the Digestive System June 22 9a-6p Central June 23 10a-6p Central Online essential oils class via Zoom 2 day class only $150; receive aromatherapy kit worth $250 More […]

Get Tickets $150.00 – $175.00

Generational Healing Continued

Generational Healing Continued June 30 10a-6p Central Retake for Free if you already took Generational Healing. If this is your first time taking the class, you will have access to […]

Get Tickets Free – $275.00