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Essential Oils for Infants and Children

There are a few select essential oils that are safe for infants and children (newborn to age 9). These oil and their applications come in a convenient kit form. The Infants and Childrens kit includes the following essential oils that are safe when used in conjunction with the applications provided with the kit:

The Top 20 Oils

The Top 20 Oils are the recommended list of oils that every practitioner should have. If you are just starting your practice, you might consider ordering the Top 20 Oils Kit and get all twenty at a discount. The Top 20 Oils for Healers class will help you learn about the multitude of uses of these powerful oils. From the Plant Prana Newsletter September 20, 2020.

1. Basil 

2. Cedar 

3. Coffee 

4. Eucalyptus 

5. Frankincense 

6. Ginger 

7. Helichrysum 

8. Juniper 

9. Lavender 

10. Lemon 

11. Marjoram 

12. Orange 

13. Peppermint 

14. Rosemary 

15. Spikenard 

16. Tea Tree 

17. Vetiver 

18. Vitex 

19. Yarrow

20. Ylang Ylang