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The Benefits of Protective Webs:

Also available Protective Webs Lobelia Body Tonic

  • Purifies and relaxes the protective webs
  • Energetically purifying to the spine
  • Improves the functioning of the chakras
  • Strengthens the basic chakra
  • Increases the circulation of energy within the body
  • Diminishes mental and emotional energies stuck in the body
  • Helpful in maintaining and improving self image
  • Increases self acceptance
  • Regulates instinctive responses 
  • relaxes fascia and connective tissue
  • Reduces energetic congestion
  • Helps to release fear from the unconscious
  • Helps with improving the connection to angelic energies
  • Improves with Esoteric concept of time which impacts how we process emotions and emotional patterns
  • Improves meditation

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