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The Benefits of Etheric Cords:

Etheric Cords:

Ingredients: Iron Bark Eucalyptus, Palo Santo, Rue, Milfoil, Galbanum, Marjoram, Mugwort

Etheric Cords or Connections

Connections is in reference to etheric cords which is our energetic connection between you and other people, events, and memories. These connections effect our thoughts, feelings and behaviors on an unconscious level whether we are aware of them or not. When you recall a memory and have an emotional response you are experiencing the effects of these connections or cords. The use of this oil blend helps to reduce the stagnant and influential energy from these connections to break free of the past and patterns from the past. 

  • cleans the contamination  in both negative and positive etheric cords
  • Helps to diminish negative thoughts and emotions that come from past traumatic events
  • Facilitates greater levels of shifting in psychological and spiritual practices
  • Negates some of the contributing factors to stress and stress related conditions
  • Improves lymph node function
  • Reduces disruptions in the circadian rhythm’s associated with the pineal gland
  • Diminishes stress in the digestive tract associated with the effects of other people
  • Reduces agitation in the instinctive mind and the triggering of the flight fight response
  • May help with repetitive negative thinking
  • Increases the potential for experiencing oneness
  • Sustained inhalation daily is a great way to consistently clean cords and clear the mind
  • Salt baths can be very soothing due to exposure to toxic environments and people
  • Salt scrubs can help reduce etheric contamination and stimuli the function of the lymph nodes
  • Applied in a body tonic this blend can improve circadian rhythms and diminish connections to past traumatic events

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