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The Benefits of Butterbur


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter December 5, 2022


  • can be very helpful for migraine syndromes 
  • Has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with asthma 
  • Has a strong antispasmodic effect when taken internally
  • Can be helpful in the reduction of inflammation
  • Helps to prevent the over excitation of the sensory nerves and can be used for pain syndromes
  • Butterbur has been shown to be helpful for allergies
  • Has been shown to help with the expelling of phlegm 
  • Can be used to help open air passages
  • Used to treat inflammation in the sinuses
  • Potentially can be helpful in cases of Alzheimer’s 
  • Some have found the use of butterbur contributed to the reduction of acid reflux
  • May be helpful taken internally for psoriasis 
  • Potentially may help acne related conditions 
  • Historically used to treat yeast infections
  • Arthritic conditions may be benefitted by regular use of butterbur
  • Avoid butterbur if there is liver or gallbladder disease, pregnancy, or if eyes become itchy and stomach bloated
  • Do not exceed more than 1-2 drops daily

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