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The Benefits of Elemi


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter December 12, 2022


  • fortifying to the nervous system
  • helps to increase sustained awareness which is tied to reducing anxiety and pain
  • Excellent for skin care as a wash, mask, or applied to problem spots
  • Helpful in the reduction of wrinkles
  • Applied to the chest and inhaled it has an impact on respiratory inflammation and a stressed respiratory system 
  • Incredibly great for soothing unconscious emotions to help increase sustained awareness and strengthening the mind
  • Salt bath with Elemi helps with tired muscles, calms the psyche, and helps one to slip into deeper states of consciousness 
  • Internally (2-3 drops) it helps to gently increase deeper levels of peace
  • Helps turn one’s mind to it’s higher spiritual purpose


SKIN CARE: Drying to oily skin areas and excess moisture, aged skin and wrinkles, infected wounds, skin inflammations, rejuvenation, cuts, hair loss, cellulite, acne, rashes

RESPIRATORY: Bronchitis, respiratory distress, inflammation in the respiratory tract, drying to mucus, coughs especially unproductive coughs, COPD

IMMUNITY: Bacteria 

MUSCULAR: tired muscles, fatigue due to its fortifying effect

NERVOUS: Nervous exhaustion, fortifying, stress and stress-related conditions, nervous tension, fatigue, pain

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Soothing and calming, Fear, soothing unconscious feelings

ENERGETIC: helps to regulate the meng mein and basic chakras

SPIRITUAL: “As above so below”, Intuitive Mind, Sustained Awareness, Cultivation of Spirit, calming the unconscious 

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