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Sandalphon Healing Technique – Master’s Blend Oil Blend

The Sandalphon Healing Technique can be used in many layers and many forms. In the class Sandalphon Healing Technique, Greg taught the basis for the technique using seven specific oils. You can enjoy this practice even if you have not taken the class. You can rotate through these oils one per day, or every day for a week, or every day for a month.

Enjoy this version of the Sandalphon Healing Technique with the Master’s Blend Oil Blend. You may also want to use the Master’s Blend Incense and Master’s Blend Salt Scrub to enhance the healing process.

Morning Reflection – Master’s Blend oil blend

Start your morning with a simple reflection

1. Light a stick of Master’s Blend incense.

2. Reflect on your week and issues of having tension in physical, emotional, mental bodies which are associated with entanglements that keeps us from the light. Bringing light to darkness in the world, Bringing light to the shadow side of ourselves, Facilitating the potential for greater levels of empowerment, Releasing tension in all aspects, and Diminishing entanglements.

3. Visualize how you wish you could have responded and how it can be different next time something like this occurs.

4. Invoke for blessings 

Evening Practice – Master’s Blend oil blend

1. Take a salt bath using a pound of salt with 10-15 drops of Master’s Blend


Add 6-8 drops of Master’s Blend to sesame oil, massage oil, or lotion and apply to your solar plexus area and any area of your body that is experiencing discomfort 

2. Inhale Master’s Blend while laying down. As you inhale try to focus simply on just letting go. If a thought arises, continue to inhale as you observe the thought.

3. Just let go and relax

Master’s Blend Reflection: The Universe Is Inside You

Burn the incense, deep inhalations and/or salt bath with Master’s Blend oil blend.

The world around you is a reflection of the world within you.  Bring light to darkness in the world and bring light to the shadow side of ourselves. This facilitates the potential for greater levels of empowerment and releasing tension in all aspects. This will diminish entanglements.