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  • Did you miss our Sandalphon Healing Technique class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email.
  • Anytime Greg teaches this class in the future you can take it for free via Zoom

We bottle our essential oils to order.

  • receive an aromatherapy gift set worth $300
  • Kit is a turnkey package ready for you to treat yourself, friends, and clients
  • Learn techniques to systematically treat various conditions
  • Unwind the energy for deeper healing and prepare the body for spiritual energy
  • Practice techniques for filling the body, items, projects, situations, and goals with Light
  • Increase your potential to shift thinking and perceptions
  • Accelerate the body’s ability to heal
  • Increase your ability to positively affect people around you
  • Deepen your meditation and spiritual practice
  • Clear and organize your mind
  • Break and reset patterns in your life
  • Diminish conditioning from the past and set new patterns
  • Enhance other modalities that you practice with these techniques
  • Eradicate contamination from other people and environments
  • Reduce stress levels and help to reset the “trigger response”
  • Help bring forth more aspects of your personality
  • Release unwanted emotions in a way that is soft and gentle
  • Increase the flow of prana through your body
  • Receive a Certificate as a Sandalphon Healing Technique Practitioner
  • Plus more
  • Sandalphon Kit:

    Glory of Lebanon 5ml

    Moses 5ml

    Chakral Root Cleanser aka Chakra Root Cleanser 5ml

    Master’s blend 5ml

    Aura cleanse 5ml

    Solomon’s Hyssop 5ml

    Nimbus 5ml

    Sandalphon Premium 2ml

    Cedar Trio 5ml roller

    Siberian Fir premium 5ml Roller

    Palo santo 5ml Roller

    Incense of the following:

    Glory of Lebanon


    Chakral Root Cleanser

    Master’s blend

    Aura cleanse

    Solomon’s Hyssop


    We bottle our essential oils to order.