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Human Design: Generator

Generator Type and Working Generator with Oils


Generators make up 35 percent of the population.

The Generator is laden with powerful gifts:

1. Sustainable energy

2. Inner GPS

3. Responsive nature

4. Proclivity to find and master their life’s work

5. Relational capacity

With their Sacral motor, they are designed to have sustainable life force energy. Their purpose is to discover their right livelihood and master their work.

The Generator Strategy

The Generator Strategy is to Wait to Respond. Being on their own behalf means following their Sacral yeses and noes.

Unaligned Generators Generators are designed to have sustainable life force energy contingent on following their yes/no Sacral motor responses. If they are not listening to and following this inner GPS, they can deplete their energy and face burnout. The unaligned Generator is basically cheating on themselves. They are abandoning their inner knowing for an outside authority. They are sacrificing themselves for external love, appreciation, or approval. It will never work. Their true love is themselves. If they’re not honoring themselves, not monogamous with their Sacral Center responses, then they are caught in adaptive behaviors and conditioned responses. The doing becomes habitual, out of obligation or from old concepts of what is right.

Generators become frustrated with themselves and others when they are not on track. Their abundant energy is dissipated, and a malaise or inertia takes its place. The joie de vivre that is quintessential Generator energy is lost and a sense of no possibility permeates their lives. A lack of trust in the Universe becomes the norm. Even if opportunities arise, the Sacral is not available to respond to start the motor running. We say the world is so messed up right now because there are so many Generators (and Manifesting Generators) doing things they have a no for.

Lacking a motor to the Throat Center, Generators can feel deficient and disregard the cue that they are more powerful in relationship than acting on their own. The Generator Strategy is to Wait to Respond. Unaligned Generators didn’t get the memo. Their egos are telling them they have to get out there and make something happen – or else nothing will happen. Again, there is no sense of being in partnership with the Universe. Instead, there is a fear-driven inadequacy that is rushing to do in order to get something or avoid something. There is no in breath, no waiting, no allowing. There is only leading, dominating, trying, and efforting. Even when there is apparent “success,” it isn’t satisfying. The hole of deficiency reigns.

Adaptive behaviors born of childhood wounds provide an extremely distorted guiding light. The support of the Inner Authority as the decision-maker is nonexistent. Fundamentally, there is a separation from Self that is coupled with a profound lack of trust in themselves and their rightful place in the Universe.

Some Signs of the Unaligned Generator:

• Their vital energy is misdirected, as a result they feel stuck, unfulfilled, burned out, lost, dissatisfied.

• They are pushing, forcing, and overworking, trying to make something happen.

• They are getting caught in frustration rather than using frustration as a signal to realign.

• They have inner conflicts from going to their head rather than their gut for direction.

• They don’t trust they will be led where to direct their energy in the right timing.

• They are not following their Strategy – To Wait and Respond.

• They are not following their Authority.

Aligned Generators

The power, grace, and creativity of an aligned Generator is something to behold. Not to mention their extraordinary capacity to do what they love with seemingly endless energy. There is a basic trust that allows them to surrender and know that what they need will be provided for them in the perfect timing. Their confidence and ease are infectious.

Aligned Generators are embodied Generators. They are resting in the present moment with an open alertness. Ready and available for their response to life to guide them. They are not rushing to create a better future or lamenting their actions from the past. They are fully engaged in life and the project of mastery. Their vitality and aliveness are truly inspiring.

Aligned Generators are comfortable with their Strategy: Wait to Respond, clear that they will know what to do when. They have shifted from looking to their conditioned or limited minds or to external sources for their guidance. Instead, they are solid in themselves. Living in Truth with themselves, acting on their own behalf. They live in flow with the Universe, not driven by lack or fear. From this place they live a deeply satisfying and fulfilled life.

If the aligned Generator experiences the Not Self theme of Frustration, they see it for what it is – a thought or feeling arising. Their Witnessing Consciousness guides them to use it as an opportunity to realign – if that is what their Authority calls for.

Some Signs of the Aligned Generator:

• They live in response to what the Universe offers.

• They are in a creative flow.

• They are satisfied, fulfilled, and energized.

• They are tuned in to their guts.

• They are trusting, honoring, and following the Sacral yeses and noes.

• They have a spacious, unpressured sense of timing as they wait for something to respond to.

• Their vast reservoir of energy is well utilized.

• They use their Not Self theme of Frustration as a support and signal to realign.

• They follow their Authority to make decisions.

• They are love in action.

Oil Protocol:

For the oil protocols you will need your Type and Strategy oils.

Step 1:

Reflect Reflection:

Establish your baseline. Reflect on your Type. Notice what you feel in your body. What arises? What would you like to feel in relation to your Type? Take a few notes. Write down an intention.

Step 2:

Choose Your Oil Choose one of the following single oils or blends associated with your Type: Single Oil: Single Oil associated with your Type Blend: Blend for your Type

Step 3:

Application • Sustained inhalation for three to fifteen breathing cycles ○ Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Take your time. Be with the oil. • Focus on the area between the eyebrows. Continue the sustained inhalation for three to fifteen cycles as you focus on your third-eye area.

Step 4:

Pause and Notice Be still. What do you notice? Are there shifts in your Awareness? Repeat the cycle of inhaling the oil on its own and then shifting your focus to the point between the eyebrows. Take your time. What do you notice? Check in with yourself. What are you aware of now? What do you feel in your body? When you think of your Type, has there been a shift? Do you feel a different relationship to your intention/desire than when we first began? Journal your experience.

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Winn, Robin; Toews, Greg. Human Design and Essential Oils: The Facilitator’s Guide to Using Plant Prana to Align with Your Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Centers (pp. 98-101). Difference Press. Kindle Edition.