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Therapeutic Rollerball – Methods of Use

In a rollerball, mix 40% essential oil to 60% carrier oil (Jojoba preferred). To give specifics, if your rollerball is the 5ml variety, this would be 2ml of the essential oil and 3ml of the carrier oil; For a 10ml rollerball, that would be 4ml of the essential oil to 6ml of the carrier oil. So a 10ml rollerball contains almost as much essential oil as a 5ml bottle!

Do not confuse the Therapeutic Rollerball method with the massage method of use. While you can use a massage version in a rollerball, it only contains a few drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. In the therapeutic rollerball version a full 40% of the contents are essential oil.

This makes therapeutic rollerballs great for rolling on the skin in specific areas, or manually distributing it over a larger area. You can also use a rollerball for sustained inhalation, one of our favorite methods of application. Greg even uses a rollerball to apply around the nose for extended sustained inhalation without having to hold a bottle to the nose!

And remember to shake the rollerball well before every application.

Rollerball is one of the many methods of using essential oils.