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The Benefits of Yarrow


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter August 17, 2020

SKIN: Inflammation, wounds, rashes, cuts (especially fresh cuts – can help stop bleeding,) eczema, rashes, may have a toning effect on the skin.

IMMUNE: Fever, colds, flu, allergies in the digestive tract.

DIGESTIVE: Colitis, inflammation in the digestive tract, may help stop any sort of bleeding in the digestive tract, cramping, indigestion, gas, hemorrhoids.

NERVOUS: The effects of stress, hypertension, any stress-related condition.

MUSCULAR: Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, pain.

CIRCULATORY: May help high blood pressure, may be helpful with thrombosis, may be useful with arteriosclerosis.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Old emotional wounds, trauma, abandonment, transmutation of emotions

ENERGETIC: Helps to heal old emotional and mental wounds, helps to stabilize the emotions, has an inhibiting effect on the Meng Mein chakra.

SPIRITUAL: Divine Love

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