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The Benefits of Tuberose


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter September 14, 2020.

​ENDOCRINE: hypothalamus function​
NERVOUS: tension, stress-related conditions, psychosomatic conditions, stimulates the ​​​parasympathetic nervous system (rest and repair)
PSYCHOLOGICAL: stress, fear, trauma, elementals, psychic attack, radiatory field, grief,​​resistances, defense mechanisms, personality disorders, inappropriate pride
ENERGETIC: activates heart, crown, forehead, back head, back throat, raises the vibration ​​​of the different bodies

SPIRITUAL: cultivation of emptiness, oneness, awareness, movement of kundalini, ​​​​detachment, conductivity, expansion of consciousness within the body, prepares ​​​the body for spiritual energy, very helpful for those in the process of making all types of transitions.

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