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The Benefits of Neroil


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter October 5, 2020

SKIN: tones the complexion, mature skin, wrinkles, thread veins

CIRCULATORY: palpitations, poor circulation

DIGESTIVE: nervous dyspepsia, spasm

MUSCULAR: releases fascia

NERVOUS: anxiety, tension, stress-related conditions, psychosomatic conditions, PMT, Shock, depression

PSYCHOLOGICAL: anxiety, panic, depression, stress, fear, trauma, elementals, psychic attack, grief, resistances, defense mechanisms, inappropriate pride, etc.

ENERGETIC: cleansing, soothing, regenerating, raises vibration, sense of well-being, activates the heart, activates the crown

SPIRITUAL: cultivating oneness, awareness, emptiness, devotion, detachment, conductivity, increases ability to be a vessel, stimulates “seeking” in the student

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