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Help for Sinus Issues

Do you or someone you know struggle with sinus issues? Greg has given sinus specific oil info.

Symptoms– mucus, facial pain, pain in upper teeth, runny nose, potential for low grade fever

Method of Application: Use the oils in the list below with the Sustained Inhalation method of application. Some oils may be used with other methods of application. See the specifics below.



Sinus Health


Rosemary Verbenone helps to break up thick heavy mucus

Inula is one of the best oils for breaking up mucus

Terebinth can be used to dry up wet runny mucus.

Angelica can be taken internally to stop a runny nose.

Helichrysum can break down mucus while reducing inflammation in the sinuses.

Eucalyptus Polybracht and Eucalyptus Globulus help to open the sinuses.

Lavender will help reduce inflammation in the sinuses

Basil can be applied neat to reduce sinus pressure

Frankincense taken internally can help reduce reactions due to the environment.

From the Plant Prana Newsletter August 18, 2021.

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