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Healing Lower Emotions – Anxiety

Healing Lower Emotions – Anxiety

Anxiety Simplified Approach

AnxietySustained Inhalation with one of the oils below – 3 to 15 breathing cycles

Single Oils: Orange, Neroli, Spikenard, Valerian, Larch, Jasmine 

Anxiety Advanced Approach 

Single Oil: Mugwort Apply to the joints of arms and legs

Then: Blend: Bronchioles Sustained Inhalation – 3 to 15 breathing cycles

Then: Blend: Quietude Sustained Inhalation – 3 to 15 breathing cycles

Then: Blend: Gilead Apply to Navel, Meng Mein, Spleen, Sex, Basic

Then: Blend: Chakral Root Cleanser Apply to Crown, Forehead, Ajna, Throat, Heart, Solar 

A Multifaceted Approach to Anxiety

For a thorough, multifaceted approach to Anxiety, consider taking the class A Multifaceted Approach to Anxiety.

From the Plant Prana Newsletter April 25, 2022.