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Melissa 5ml


MELISSA (Lemon Balm):

SKIN: Eczema – excellent (low dosage works best), allergies, most skin issues, insect bites, detoxifies the skin, may help to regulate sweat glands (lack of sweating), detoxifies the scalp (mixed in shampoo), herpes.


GENITO-URINARY:  Lack of menstruation, cramping.


DIGESTIVE: Indigestion, colic, tension in the smooth muscle of the digestive tract, may help with poor assimilation (associated with chronic diarrhea, to be used after the diarrhea has been alleviated and steps are taken to restore proper digestive function.)


RESPIRATORY: Chronic coughs, spasmodic coughs, coughs due to tension in the sternocleidomastoid, asthma, allergies.


ENDOCRINE: May help to regulate the adrenals, has an energetic purifying effect on both the pineal and hypothalamus.


MUSCULAR: Tension (peripheral muscle, not the deep core muscles.)


NERVOUS: Depression, anxiety, may help with hypertension, migraines, insomnia, vertigo, shock, tension in the nervous system (both voluntary and involuntary,) psychosomatic response (conversion,) stress response.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Excellent for a wounded or broken heart, may help to reduce the stress response, fear response, anxiety, helps to accept the negative parts of oneself, anger (especially in the middle of crisis)


ENERGETIC: Energizes and strengthens the heart chakra, has a purifying effect on the spinal vertebrae T1-T7.


SPIRITUAL: Cultivation of Divine Love

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