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Generational Healing

March 2 @ 9:00 am March 3 @ 6:00 pm CST

March 2 9am-6pm Central

March 3 10am-6pm Central

Live Chicago,IL and Via Zoom

Being taught for the first time.

Generational Healing:

  • Receive a gift kit worth $300
  • Address issues, patterns, and programs that come through the generations
  • Discover how your family determines qualities in your energy body
  • Treat the impact that generational issues have on your aura
  • The contributing issues that impacts the “State” of your energy body and physiology and its treatment
  • Address the quality of the aura and what you attract / repel based on specific mechanisms in your aura
  • Triggers that stimulate mental activity and generate repetitive thoughts
  • Accelerate physical, psychological, and spiritual levels of healing
  • Diminish negative programs
  • Address negative patterns that seem hard to release
  • Undo conditioning that comes from the generations before us
  • Discover how generational influences impact our instinctive responses, our emotions, and our way of thinking
  • Be more of who you truly are on a soul level
  • Discover how treating generational issues increases the protective qualities of our aura 
  • Decrease the tendency for conflict with certain personality types
  • Lecture on mechanisms that prevent degrees of oneness and how to address them
  • Improve your materialization potential
  • Practice a meditation to send blessings through the generations for your families spiritual development
  • Plus more

Kit: Generational Healing 29 Oils! $300+ worth of oils



Assemblage Point

Ginger Lily

Australian Sage


Sp Movement





Holy Basil





Direction: Down

Direction: Up

Direction: Inward

Etheric Cords

Astral Projection

Glory of Lebanon


Chakral Root Cleanser

Master’s Blend

Aura Cleanse

Solomon’s Hyssop



$225 – $275 Early Bird $225 through Feb 26, Regular Price $275