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Foundation of Mystical Healing 2.0

March 9 @ 9:00 am March 10 @ 6:00 pm CST

Foundation of Mystical Healing 2.0

March 9 9a-6p Central

March 10 10a-6p Central

Online via Zoom

Open to new students.

If you took Foundation of Mystical Healing prior you can register as a retake.

New students will receive aromatherapy kit worth $300+

If you have taken the Foundation of Mystical Healing class and would like to purchase just the kit, it’s only $225.

This an upgrade from the original Foundation of Mystical Healing class.

More information and new protocols and practices.

If this is your first time taking a Foundation of Mystical Healing class, you will have access to all prior recordings for this class.

  • utilize protocols for various health issues with colored healing oils
  • Protocols to address emotions and the production of lower emotions
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Address potential auto immune issues
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Target back pain, arthritis, shoulder issues, and more
  • Deepen mediation and prayer work 
  • Heighten your intuitive faculties
  • Enhances Angel work
  • receive a gift of an aromatherapy kit worth $300
  • Experience a new and different approach using essential oils that enhances what you already have learned
  • Practice the mechanics of healing used by indigenous cultures 
  • A foundational class for integrating plants and energy for healing
  • Increase your body’s ability to generate colored energies for healing and development
  • Inner practice with different healing frequencies used for self healing and working with others
  • Practice a meditation (without oils) to increase your healing ability and take your healing practice to the next level
  • Practice associated with developing “inner transmissions” or inner guidance 
  • A deeper level of healing using plants for energy healing
  • Experience a different approach to physical, psychological, and spiritual healing
  • Diminish the effects of past experiences, traumas, and patterns associated with generational influences
  • Enhance the creative processes within you
  • Work different colored energies to produce deep healing and meditative states
  • Accelerate different healing approaches through an easy to follow systematic approach
  • Understand the mechanics for awakening and how to use oils to work this process
  • Harmonize different aspects of the body, emotions, and the mind for deeper levels of Oneness
  • Increase your ability to “attract” things into your life
  • Understand what is meant in alchemical processes as “Spirit”
  • Recognize issues outside of yourself that impact your mind and how to treat them

Aromatherapy Gift Kit Includes:

White Light

Violet Healer 2ml & body tonic 

Green Healer 5ml

Blue Healer 

Orange Healer 5ml 

Red Healer 5ml

Gold Healer 

Sacred Blue

Mugwort 5ml rollerball

Etheric cords

Health rays



Meng Mein 2ml & body tonic

Product bag

Free – $275 $225 Early Bird through March 4, $275 regular price, Retake for Free