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Ylang Ylang Supreme 5ml



There is nothing better for treating frustration that turns to anger!


SKIN: Insect bites, general skin care, irritated skin, hair rinse.


CIRCULATION: May help with cardiac rhythms, abnormally fast breathing (which can induce anxiety,) palpitations, there is some anecdotal information that suggest that it may help with tachycardia, hypertension.


NERVOUS SYSTEM: Conditions exaggerated by stress, the prevention of stress, depression, nervous tension, impotence, frigidity, regulates the respiratory rhythm, may have a restorative effect on the hypothalamus.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Frustration, internal flexibility 


ENERGETIC: Raises the vibration (the emotional and mental bodies.) May help to reach greater levels of sustained awareness during meditation.


 SPIRITUAL: development of the spiritual will 

We bottle our essential oils to order.
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