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Ylang Ylang Supreme 5ml



There is nothing better for treating frustration that turns to anger!


SKIN: Insect bites, general skin care, irritated skin, hair rinse.


CIRCULATION: May help with cardiac rhythms, abnormally fast breathing (which can induce anxiety,) palpitations, there is some anecdotal information that suggest that it may help with tachycardia, hypertension.


NERVOUS SYSTEM: Conditions exaggerated by stress, the prevention of stress, depression, nervous tension, impotence, frigidity, regulates the respiratory rhythm, may have a restorative effect on the hypothalamus.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Frustration, internal flexibility 


ENERGETIC: Raises the vibration (the emotional and mental bodies.) May help to reach greater levels of sustained awareness during meditation.


 SPIRITUAL: development of the spiritual will 

Plant Prana Oil Blends

Plant Prana Essential Oil Blends are unique combinations of two or more single oils. These blends have unique energetic purposes beyond the direct combination of the single oils. Depending on the purpose and method of application of the blend, it is sometimes possible to substitute an individual oil for a blend. Also know that the single oils cannot always be used as a replacement for a blend.

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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