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Three Wise Men Ointment 2oz



Frankincense Oman, Frankincense Vital, Golden Frankincense, Frankincense Serata, Black Frankincense, Frankincense, Myrrh, Ethiopian Myrrh


  • helps with inflammation (applied topically and taken internally 1-3 drops in water)
  • Regulates cerebrospinal fluid circulation
  • Calms Limbic responses which is helpful in pain and inflammatory syndromes
  • Stimulates all the endocrine glands to improve function (taken internally 1-3 drops in water)
  • Improves mood related issues
  • Improves communication between the nervous system and the endocrine system
  • Helps to release fascia (connective tissue) in the body
  • Helps to integrate into the heart chakra
  • Helps to release lower emotions
  • Regulates the lower mind
  • Improves ability to process abstract information ( example: processing dreams )
  • Stimulates the intuitive mind
  • Increases processing information from the higher soul
  • Increases the potential for “knowing through direct perception”
  • Helps to recalibrate inaccurate viewpoints
  • Used to cultivate “Spirit” in alchemical processes
  • Stimulates streams of consciousness and inner transmissions
  • Helps the energy body synthesis gold prana
  • Strengthens the navel chakra
  • Salt bath increases higher mental faculties
  • Essential for mystical practices and deeper states of awareness
  • Increases the emanation of the soul in all you do
We create our essential oils to order.
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