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Spikenard Body Tonic 8oz





SKIN: Skin inflammation, rashes, nourishing to the skin.


MUSCULAR: Relaxing to the muscles, good for tired, achy feet.


NERVOUS: It is one of the most potent sedative essential oils.

Insomnia, nervous tension, nervous stomach, migraines (applied to base of skull,) prevention of stress, effects of stress. Taken regularly helps to regulate the stress response, regulates both somatic and autonomic reflex arc. Helps to calm the emotions and mind, and can be soothing to the emotional body when a person is in pain.


ENERGETIC: Helps one to be more conductive to the soul and the Divine, helps to reduce pride that comes from old emotional wounds. When applied to the feet it helps to deepen meditation due to its purifying effect (helps one to take off in the inner worlds.)

Applied to feet it helps to improve meditation.

Spikenard is the ointment that Mary applied to the feet of the Lord Christ.

Body Tonic

Plant Prana body tonics are safe for application to the skin except for the face and sex organs. Always remember to shake well before application. Do not take Plant Prana body tonics internally.

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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