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Self Worth

  • address issues associated with overcoming obstacles and our unconscious drive to create the obstacles in our path
  • Increase your ability to improve a project, goal, or relationship and give more effort in these areas
  • Increase confidence
  • Identify the some of the different sources of anxiety, their cause, and how to treat
  • Reduce the impact of negative emotions on your health
  • Reduce self critical thinking and critical inner dialogue
  • Diminish self sabotage tendency and genuinely pursue the things you want in life
  • Tie together the different aspect of self esteem, self image, and abandonment
  • Address the “monkey mind”
  • Technique for cultivating constancy of aim and effort
  • Increase inner conductivity and ability to go within
  • Plus more


Oil Suggestions and Kit Option available.

Choose an oil or blend from each group for the Self Worth Class


Group 1

Single Oils: Aloes, Helichrysum

Blends: Health Rays, Orange Healer

Group 2

Single Oils: Cinnamon, Cassia

Blends: Red Healer, Abramelin

Group 3

Single Oils: Thyme

Blends: Thyme Supreme, Basic Chakra

Group 4

Single Oils: Savory

Blends: Liberation, Gamma

Group 5

Single Oils: Ravensara

Blends: Beta

Group 6

Single Oils: Marjoram

Blends: Blue Healer

Group 7

Single Oils: Thyme Linalool

Blends: Theta

Group 8

Single Oils: Clary Sage

Blends: Opathle Yahola’s Balm, Theta

Group 9

Single Oils: Neroli, Clary Sage, Basil, Lavender, Roman Chamomile

Blends: Spasmophilia, Sacred Blue

Group 10

Single Oils: African Bluegrass

Blends: Nimbus, Alpha

Group 11

Single Oils: Ginger Lily

Blends: Etheric Cords, Back Heart


Kit for purchase $150

Kit: Self Worth for purchase

Orange Healer 5ml

Red Healer 5ml

Basic Chakra

Savory 5ml

Ravensara 5ml

Blue Healer

Thyme Linalol 5ml

Clary Sage 10ml


Back Heart

We bottle our essential oils to order.


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