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We bottle our essential oils to order.


The Phoenix Technique:  Treat Stress, Fears, Difficult People, Difficult Situations, and Difficult Times

  • Receive an aromatherapy kit
  • techniques for fortifying the mind, emotions, and body
  • Cultivate the ability to experience peace during difficult times
  • Address fears specific to you
  • Diminish the tendency to get “triggered”
  • Treat and regulate aspects of the endocrine system
  • Fortify endocrine function
  • Break negative patterns within endocrine system
  • Specifically address the stress response and undo years of agitation causing hyper reactions
  • Integrated approach of energetic anatomy, physiology, psychology, and spiritual techniques
  • Increase capacity to handle stress and difficulty
  • Improve ability to handle difficult people
  • Diminish the effect negative people have on you
  • Increase your sense of well being during difficult times
  • Improve your ability to let go of negative situations / people and transition into something better
  • Undo years of psychic attack / projection from others
  • Plus more

  The Phoenix Technique kit:

  • Manna
  • Endocrine Support 5ml
  • Stress ease
  • Action
  • Vital centers
  • Assemblage Point
  • Rue roller
  • Palo Santo Fruit roller
  • Hyssop roller
  • Australian Sage roller
  • Frankincense Oman roller
  • African Bluegrass roller
  • Etheric Cord
  • Protective Webs
  • Protection

We bottle our essential oils to order.