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Did you miss our The Phoenix Technique Class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email at purchase.

We create our essential oils to order.

The Phoenix Technique:  Treat Stress, Fears, Difficult People, Difficult Situations, and Difficult Times

  • Receive an aromatherapy kit
  • techniques for fortifying the mind, emotions, and body
  • Cultivate the ability to experience peace during difficult times
  • Address fears specific to you
  • Diminish the tendency to get “triggered”
  • Treat and regulate aspects of the endocrine system
  • Fortify endocrine function
  • Break negative patterns within endocrine system
  • Specifically address the stress response and undo years of agitation causing hyper reactions
  • Integrated approach of energetic anatomy, physiology, psychology, and spiritual techniques
  • Increase capacity to handle stress and difficulty
  • Improve ability to handle difficult people
  • Diminish the effect negative people have on you
  • Increase your sense of well being during difficult times
  • Improve your ability to let go of negative situations / people and transition into something better
  • Undo years of psychic attack / projection from others
  • Plus more

  The Phoenix Technique kit:

  • Manna
  • Endocrine Support 5ml
  • Stress ease
  • Action
  • Vital centers
  • Assemblage Point
  • Rue roller
  • Palo Santo Fruit roller
  • Hyssop roller
  • Australian Sage roller
  • Frankincense Oman roller
  • African Bluegrass roller
  • Etheric Cord
  • Protective Webs
  • Protection