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Previous Class: The Alchemy of Materialization


  • Did you miss our Alchemy of Materialization class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email.
  • Anytime Greg teaches this class in the future you can take it for free via Zoom
  • We create our essential oils to order.
  • Receive a premium essential oil gift set which includes 12 new specific blends for materialization
  • Practice a 13-step process for materializing your goals, virtues, personality qualities, and devotional practices
  • More deeply cultivate aspects of the zodiac and principles associated with each astrological sign
  • Increase your ability to adjust and adapt
  • Deepen the practice of “Becoming”
  • Increase potential for greater levels of oneness
  • Cultivate more spontaneous creative action
  • Break long standing behavioral patterns
  • Improve ability of integration
  • Strengthen the materialization of “your words”
  • Heighten states of oneness
  • Improve your ability to heal
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