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Self Acceptance

address the eight issues that help establish greater levels of self acceptance

Self Acceptance is an important part of a sense of well being and stimulates personal growth

Align with your strengths

Target self judgement and diminish negative dialogue

Increase your ability to be present and the ability to connect with the divinity within

Learn ways to increase self compassion

Improve your ability to handle mistakes

Diminish unrealistic standards that cause you to be hard on yourself

Embrace all parts of yourself

Release tendencies to compare yourself to others and the negative thoughts that go along with that process

Do two meditations that help accelerate self acceptance

Choose an oil from each line:

Line 1

Single Oils: Angelica, Palmarosa, Jamarosa, Karo, Arnica

Blends: Arnica Complex

Line 2

Single Oils: Spikenard, Valerian, Vetiver, Rus Khus

Line 3

Single Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Dark Patchouli

Blends: Three Wise Men

Line 4

Single Oils: Artemisia, Mugwort, Patchouli, Dark Patchouli, Acacia

Line 5

Single Oils: Cistus, Osmanthus

Line 6

Single Oils: Benzoin, Rose, Thyme Linalool

Line 7

Single Oils: Davana, Acacia, Butterbur

Line 8

Single Oils: Rose, Frankincense, Thyme Linalool

Kit For Purchase: $75 ($100 value)

Thyme Linalool 5ml

Davana 5ml

Cistus 2ml

Dark Patchouli 5ml

Jamarosa 5ml

Rus Khus 2ml


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