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Did you miss our Revitalizing the Soul Class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email at purchase.

We create our essential oils to order.
Grace: The Regenerative Soul
  • Receive an aromatherapy kit worth $300 which exceeds the price of the class
  • Use premium essential oils and custom products in a unique process
  • Cultivate Grace and experience the Divine Love aspect
  • Increase your ability to diminish negativity in your life while creating peace
  • Increase your connection to the people around you and to all that you do
  • Increase your adaptability in difficult times
  • Become less reactive to the collective and gently increase your inner strength
  • Improve your ability for “expression”
  • Heighten your intuitive faculties
  • Gently transmute the will to higher more conscious action
  • Reduce anxiety and the tendency to get “triggered”
  • Practice techniques associated with cultivating “Heaven on Earth”
  • Enhance your ability to “attract and connect”
  • Increase your ease and suppleness of movement through relationships and changing times
  • Develop ability for divine assistance for regeneration
  • Plus more
  • Crown- Frankincense vital 1oz ointment
  • Forehead- Blue Mountain Sage 5ml roller
  • Ajna, Throat- Galbanum 5ml roller
  • Heart- Myrrh
  • Solar- Idaho Tansy
  • Navel- Spikenard rollerball (arms and legs)
  • Spleen- Peru Balsam
  • Meng Mein- Holy Basil 5ml
  • Sex- Bakul
  • Basic- Sandalwood
  • Monk’s Anointing Oil
  • Blossoming Lotus Spray 4oz
  • Unwind Ashwagandha ointment