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We bottle our essential oils to order.


Grace: The Regenerative Soul

  • Receive an aromatherapy kit worth $300 which exceeds the price of the class
  • Use premium essential oils and custom products in a unique process
  • Cultivate Grace and experience the Divine Love aspect
  • Increase your ability to diminish negativity in your life while creating peace
  • Increase your connection to the people around you and to all that you do
  • Increase your adaptability in difficult times
  • Become less reactive to the collective and gently increase your inner strength
  • Improve your ability for “expression”
  • Heighten your intuitive faculties
  • Gently transmute the will to higher more conscious action
  • Reduce anxiety and the tendency to get “triggered”
  • Practice techniques associated with cultivating “Heaven on Earth”
  • Enhance your ability to “attract and connect”
  • Increase your ease and suppleness of movement through relationships and changing times
  • Develop ability for divine assistance for regeneration
  • Plus more

Revitalizing the Soul Kit:

  • Crown- Frankincense vital 1oz ointment
  • Forehead- Blue Mountain Sage 5ml roller
  • Ajna, Throat- Galbanum 5ml roller
  • Heart- Myrrh
  • Solar- Idaho Tansy
  • Navel- Spikenard rollerball (arms and legs)
  • Spleen- Peru Balsam
  • Meng Mein- Holy Basil 5ml
  • Sex- Bakul
  • Basic- Sandalwood
  • Monk’s Anointing Oil
  • Blossoming Lotus Spray 4oz
  • Unwind Ashwagandha ointment

We bottle our essential oils to order.