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Previous Class: Metatron Healing Technique: Healing Generational and Soul Patterns


Did you miss our Metatron Healing Technique: Healing Generational and Soul Patterns Class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email at purchase.

We create our essential oils to order.
  • receive a gift of a $300 aromatherapy kit
  • Connect with aspects that “help guide your way”
  • Step away from negative emotions and thoughts rather than releasing them
  • A tremendous approach to healing physical and psychological issues
  • Stop the wrestling with psychological difficulties through this technique
  • Break patterns that have impacted you from past generations
  • Practice inner teachings associated with the invisible light of the Void
  • A simple step by step process to connecting deeply to the higher soul
  • The literal practice of communing with angels and deities that has never been taught publicly
  • Accelerate your ability to learn the lessons of the soul
  • Facilitate bringing forth essence from the other side of the veil
  • Practice technique to deeply relax the fascia (connective tissue) of the body to allow for higher vibrational “essence” to circulate
  • Increase your manifesting abilities through a stronger connection to the elements
  • Improve the function and vibration of your chakras
  • Diminish the impact of chaos from the environment on your mind and body
  • Invoke aspects that help protect the light within you
  • Plus more

You will receive a certificate after taking this class.