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Angel Essentials:

–   Receive explanations for dozens of Archangels / Angels and why to work with them

  • Learn and practice the energetic mechanics for working with any Angel
  • Prepare your physiology for the Angelic Shifts
  • Discuss what the goal is associated with working Angelic Energies
  • Attract and physicalize angelic energies
  • Use angelic energies for healing, emotional regulation, and spiritual development
  • Harness the abstract mind to call in Light and the energy necessary to invoke angels
  • Reconcile issues that inhibit integration of angelic energies
  • Increase ability to be a vessel of light
  • Identify which angels you have an affinity for and why
  • Do a meditation that increases your ability to attract Angels
  • Utilize angelic energy to develop and activate the heart
  • Break life patterns with angelic presence
  • Plus more

Choose an oil from each line for Angel Practice

Line 1

Single Oils: Sage, Dalmatian Sage, Sage Triloba, Blue Mountain Sage, Heritage Sage, Australian Sage, Sacred Sage, Spanish Sage

Blends: Sage Supreme

Line 2

Single Oils: Camphor, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme

Blends: Adrenal Support

Line 3

Single Oils: Neroli, Melissa, Bergamot, Galbanum, Palo Santo

Blends: Alchemical Antimony

Line 4

Single Oils: Rhododendron, Katrafay, Cedar

Blends: Spine, Stagnation

Line 5

Single Oils: Hyssop

Blends: Hyssop Supreme, Chakral Root Cleanser

Line 6

Single Oils: Ginger Lily, Lotus, Aloes, Sandalwood, Tuberose, Osmanthus, Tarragon (B choice)

Line 7

Single Oils: Cistus, Labdanum, Galbanum

Blends: Cistus Supreme

Line 8

Suggested to have two of the following

Archangel Blends, Angel Blends


Kit for sale $80 ($120 value)

Blue Mountain Sage 2ml

Adrenal Support 5ml 15

Galbanum 2ml

Himalayan Cedar 2ml

Chakral Root Cleanser 5ml

Ginger Lily 2ml rollerball

Angel Kafziel 2ml

Archangel Gabriel Premium 2ml


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