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We bottle our essential oils to order.

  • receive a gift of an aromatherapy kit worth $150
  • learn how to harness the 7 planetary cycles for achieving your goals and improving relationships
  • discuss the properties of each of the planetary cycles
  • learn the essential oils that are used to attract the energy of each planet
  • utilize blends to enhance your ability to engage the energy of the planets
  • practice techniques to properly engage planetary energies
  • properly invoke the Archangel associated with each cycle
  • prepare the body to deepen the impact of the planetary energies on the body
  • increase your abilities for materializing your goals
  • improve your meditations with regular practice of planetary techniques
  • enhance other materialization techniques with the planetary cycles
  • plus more

Planetary Cycles Kit:

Sun Premium

Moon Premium

Mars Premium


Jupiter Premium


Saturn Premium

Archangel Michael Premium

Archangel Gabriel Premium

Archangel Khamael Premium

Archangel Raphael Premium

Archangel Tzadkiel Premium

Archangel Anael Premium

Archangel Zaphkiel Premium

Four lobes

We bottle our essential oils to order.


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