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Peru Balsam 5ml



SKIN: Chapped skin, dry skin, rashes, may be helpful in the later stages of healing scar tissue (one should treat scars substantially with Helichrysum, marjoram, camphor, and carrot before switching to Peru Balsam. Peru balsam does not address the scarring in the skin directly, but addresses the underlying fascia which could be tight and constricted.)


CIRCULATION: Low blood pressure (energetically, Peru Balsam activates the center that effects blood pressure.)


MUSCULAR/JOINTS: Releases fascia, relaxes the hip flexors (iliopsoas), rheumatism, detoxifies deposits in joints,

makes a great toning liniment for athletes and people with chronic pain.


RESPIRATORY: Coughs, asthma, bronchitis, respiratory distress, relaxes the skeletal muscles that aid in respiration, has a slight warming and soothing effect on the respiratory tract.


IMMUNE: Colds, strengthens the thymus.


NERVOUS SYSTEM: A slight warming and soothing effect, the effects of stress, psychosomatic response, nervous tension.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: The effects of stress, may be helpful with resentment and helping one to move towards forgiveness.


ENERGETIC: Helps to raise the vibration of the body, can be used in transmuting lower energies.

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