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Palo Santo 30ml






  • Great as a spray for stress reduction and to prepare the body for meditation
  • Salt baths can help shed the effects of the day, release negative emotions, stress, and body tension
  • A body tonic can help purify tissues and improve circulation
  • A body tonic can bring about a sense of peace and well being
  • Ointment improves circulation and detoxification
  • Applied topically it can help improve sleep
  • May stimulate lymphatic detoxification
  • Used in ceremonial healing
  • Helps to clear space and the environment
  • Improves yoga practices
  • Reduces the fear response
  • Helps to expel stagnant energy from the body
  • helpful in reducing anxiety
  • Increases enthusiasm
  • May help with procrastination
  • Has been used to reduce symptoms of OCD
  • May help with fear and panic attacks
  • Diminishes stress and effects of stress
  • Improves focus and helps to sharpen the mind
  • Can be used to diminish pain
  • Helps with reducing lower emotions
  • Diminishes negativity from other people and the tendency to absorb negativity
  • Can be used to diminish tendency of being “triggered”


CIRCULATION: Bruising, lymphatic function

MUSCULAR/JOINTS: Muscular aches and pains, joint pains, trigger point activity, migraines, headaches

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Nervous tension, stress-related conditions, psychosomatic response, neuralgia, may improve function of the prefrontal cortex, may be helpful in pain syndromes, depression,

fatigue (especially neurasthenia)

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Useful in breaking patterns, releasing old negativity or unresolved issues, very useful in treating the defense mechanisms of the ego, may help in reducing anxiety and / or panic, helps to release negative emotions, diminishes repetitive thinking, can be used in the treatment for OCD, stress, fear, grief

ENERGETIC: Purifying physical, emotional, and mental energies, it is a very strong cleanser!!!!!!!

SPIRITUAL: Prepares the body for spiritual energy, increases conductivity to the Divine.

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