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Orange Healer Ointment 2oz


Ingredient: Sesame Complex (meadow foam, sesame, gotu kola, castor oil, prickly pear oil), CoQ10, consecrated anointing oil, Parsley, Camphor, Palo Santo, Lovage, Idaho Tansy, Eucalyptus Globulus, Cape Snowbush, Juniper, Birch Tar

  • very cleansing
  • Lymphatic Stimulant
  • Diminishes energies from other people
  • Tones the vagus nerve
  • Energetically decongesting
  • Diminishes stress in the cardiovascular system
  • Helps to strengthen the breath
  • Expels negative and lower vibrational energies from the body
  • Makes the physical body more conductive to the soul
  • Loosens calcified energies
  • Elimination of waste, toxins, and negative energy
  • May help reduce viruses and bacterias in the body
  • Protective qualities: expels other people’s thoughts out of your aura
  • Decreases fear and triggered fear responses
  • Purifies psychological resistances to growth and integration
  • Helps facilitate transmutation of stress and the lower nature which helps to strengthen your higher faculties
  • Helps to detoxify stagnant lymph as a salt bath or body tonic
  • Used to purify arthritic joints as an ointment
  • In a diffuser it helps to clear the mind while cultivating enthusiasm

Plant Prana Oil Blends

Plant Prana Essential Oil Blends are unique combinations of two or more single oils. These blends have unique energetic purposes beyond the direct combination of the single oils. Depending on the purpose and method of application of the blend, it is sometimes possible to substitute an individual oil for a blend. Also know that the single oils cannot always be used as a replacement for a blend.

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