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Orange Healer Body Tonic 2oz


Orange Healer BT (Body Tonic)

Ingredients: With hazel, alcohol, holy water, MSM, ionic magnesium, goldenseal root, Parsley, Camphor, Palo Santo, Lovage, Idaho Tansy, Eucalyptus Globulus, Cape Snowbush, Juniper, Birch Tar

  • very cleansing
  • Lymphatic Stimulant
  • Diminishes energies from other people
  • Tones the vagus nerve
  • Energetically decongesting
  • Diminishes stress in the cardiovascular system
  • Helps to strengthen the breath
  • Expels negative and lower vibrational energies from the body
  • Makes the physical body more conductive to the soul
  • Loosens calcified energies
  • Elimination of waste, toxins, and negative energy
  • May help reduce viruses and bacterias in the body
  • Protective qualities: expels other people’s thoughts out of your aura
  • Decreases fear and triggered fear responses
  • Purifies psychological resistances to growth and integration
  • Helps facilitate transmutation of stress and the lower nature which helps to strengthen your higher faculties
  • Helps to detoxify stagnant lymph as a salt bath or body tonic
  • Used to purify arthritic joints as an ointment
  • In a diffuser it helps to clear the mind while cultivating enthusiasm
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