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Nerve Help 5ml



    • helps to protect the nerves and neural functions
    • Helps to re-educate the nerves to better proper function
    • Helps with pain syndromes
    • Helps to stabilize areas (usually associated with pain) due to inflammation and muscle imbalances
    • May help with neurological disorders of the brain
    • Helps to open channels and meridians to improve nerve function
    • Improves cognitive functions
    • Great in a salt bath for calming and soothing the body
    • In a massage oil or ointment can help bring balance to chronic pain syndromes
    • Diminishes negative emotions associated with being in pain
    • Calming to the adrenals and helps to tone the parasympathetic nervous system
    • Helps to release fascia
    • Potentially helpful for nerve entrapments and nerve impingements when applied topically (neat application)
    • Sustained inhalation helps to relax the entire nervous system
    • Applied in a body tonic to the abdomen it can help soothe the gut (nervous gut issues)
    • Cleansing to the protective webs
    • Helps with integration with angelic energies
    • Helps with the development of wisdom in meditation and healing practices
    • Helps to condense and physicalize divine light
    • Just feels good

Herve Help Blend contains:

Litsea Cubeba
Rosemary Verbenone
Spanish Sage

Plant Prana Oil Blends

Plant Prana Essential Oil Blends are unique combinations of two or more single oils. These blends have unique energetic purposes beyond the direct combination of the single oils. Depending on the purpose and method of application of the blend, it is sometimes possible to substitute an individual oil for a blend. Also know that the single oils cannot always be used as a replacement for a blend.

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