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Lemongrass 15ml



Can be a little irritating applied directly so always mix with a carrier.

SKIN: Excessive perspiration, toning to tissue, insect repellent, scabies, open pores, athlete’s foot.

DIGESTIVE: Relaxes smooth muscle, indigestion, colitis, gastroenteritis, constipation.

CIRCULATION: Poor circulation.

IMMUNE: Infectious conditions, fever.

MUSCULAR /JOINTS: Pain, muscle relaxer, relaxes the diaphragm, slack tissue, trigger point activity.

NERVOUS: Nervous exhaustion, debility, tension, stress-related conditions, headaches, psychosomatic response, considered a sedative on the central nervous system.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Stress, somatization, calming.

ENERGETIC: Regulating, inhibiting to over-activated chakras

SPIRITUAL: Conductivity to the Divine.

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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