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Lemongrass Body Tonic 8oz



Can be a little irritating applied directly so always mix with a carrier.

SKIN: Excessive perspiration, toning to tissue, insect repellent, scabies, open pores, athlete’s foot.

DIGESTIVE: Relaxes smooth muscle, indigestion, colitis, gastroenteritis, constipation.

CIRCULATION: Poor circulation.

IMMUNE: Infectious conditions, fever.

MUSCULAR /JOINTS: Pain, muscle relaxer, relaxes the diaphragm, slack tissue, trigger point activity.

NERVOUS: Nervous exhaustion, debility, tension, stress-related conditions, headaches, psychosomatic response, considered a sedative on the central nervous system.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Stress, somatization, calming.

ENERGETIC: Regulating, inhibiting to over-activated chakras

SPIRITUAL: Conductivity to the Divine.

Body Tonic

Plant Prana body tonics are safe for application to the skin except for the face and sex organs. Always remember to shake well before application. Do not take Plant Prana body tonics internally.

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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