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Health Rays 5ml



  • Helps to purify and straighten the health rays also known as health aura
  • Facilitates a greater intake of healthy energy from the environment which improves life force
  • Has a balancing effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the nervous systems
  • Accelerates detoxification in the body by improving the rate of stagnant and diseased energy being expelled
  • Improves the rate of healing in the body
  • Helps open up areas associated with pain syndromes which allows for greater amounts of life force to flow through the affected areas
  • Prepares the body for an increase in spiritual energy for mediatation, prayer work, or healing
  • Increases your materialization potential
  • Improves the function of the chakras
  • Improves the function of the meridians associated with acupuncture
  • Helps to relax fascia and connective tissue in the body
  • Has a purifying effect on elementals in the body which is associated with past conditioning
  • Can be helpful for letting go of the past

Plant Prana Oil Blends

Plant Prana Essential Oil Blends are unique combinations of two or more single oils. These blends have unique energetic purposes beyond the direct combination of the single oils. Depending on the purpose and method of application of the blend, it is sometimes possible to substitute an individual oil for a blend. Also know that the single oils cannot always be used as a replacement for a blend.

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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