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Previous Class: Health and Longevity: Sleep, Memory, and Lymphatic Function


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Use essential oils addressing the following topics:

  • Understand the mechanisms of the lymphatic system and how it impacts your mind, endocrine Function, Memory, and your sleep
  • treat the lymphatic system in easy steps for overall health
  • discover how lymphatic Function (your body’s detoxification System) impacts your memory and sleep
  • experience techniques with essential oils that slow the aging process
  • learn how to deal with “foggy thinking”
  • deepen your meditation practice while improving quality of sleep
  • add the mechanics of this class to other Healing modalities
  • discuss the impact sleep has on your body, emotions, mind, and spiritual growth
  • Practice 4 steps protocols for enhancing sleep, memory function, and the lymphatic system
  • harness different mechanisms during sleep to improve brain function and problem solving
  • practice techniques to improve sleep quality to hit specific stages of function to help with health issues
  • learn how to process and let go of painful events from the past through sleep and reeducating memory mechanisms
  • increase Conductivity to the soul and improve soul expression in your daily life
  • Learn about different aspects of the memory mechanisms and how essential oils impact them
  • learn certain practices and specific formulas for memory function
  • discuss the different aspects of sleep and why it’s important to our health
  • learn how to target specific issues concerning sleep to improve immune, nervous, and endocrine function
  • improve dream activity
  • decrease brain fatigue

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