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We create our essential oils to order.

Essential oil gift kit worth $150 included

  • heal trigger responses
  • Increase calm and peaceful emotions even in times of difficulty
  • Change your response to stress, fear, trauma
  • Improves the healing rate of the body
  • Intensifies the movement of energy through the body including kundalini
  • Increases the “expansion within the form” associated with experiencing “oneness”
  • Prepares the body and mind for deeper work with the angelic realm
  • Deeper connection to your inner guidance
  • Preps the mental body for inner transmissions from the higher soul and inner teachers
  • Deepens the impact of alchemical practices
  • Accelerates the formation of the golden body
  • Transmute elementals in the body associated with conditioning from the past
  • Important in resetting the immune system
  • Vastly improves your meditations and prayer practice
  • Accelerates emotional learning

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