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Basil 100ml



SKIN: Insect bites and repellant.

RESPIRATORY: Sinusitis, coughs, ear ache, bronchitis, paradoxical breathing, shortness of breath.

DIGESTIVE: Flatulence, digestive aid, painful or difficult digestion.

GENITO-URINARY: Cramps, difficult periods.

MUSCULAR: Spasms, rheumatism, aches and pains, effects of gout, myo-fasciitis.

NERVOUS: Fatigue, anxiety, depression, nervous tension, migraine, insomnia, fuzzy head, mental fatigue. Basil is a great nerve tonic and restorative to the entire nervous system.

ENERGETIC: Cleansing (physically, emotionally and mentally). Restorative to the mind, helps to diminish mental conditioning.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Stress, mental stimulant

SPIRITUAL: Helps to unwind the conditioning of the past so one can be more present

We bottle our essential oils to order.

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