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Previous Class: Angels 1 & 2


Did you miss our Angels 1 and 2 classes and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email.

We bottle our essential oils to order.


Angels 1:
– Receive an aromatherapy kit worth $50
– Learn the psychological and anatomical aspects of invoking Angels
– Stimulate a specific brain wave to enhance your work with angels
– Use essential oils to go into very deep states of meditation which increases spiritual conductivity
– Learn how to use single oils and blends to invoke specific Angels
– Use essential oils to direct the healing energies of Angels to heal physically and psychologically
– Use the Angel oil blends to heal relationships and to help your prosperity
– Practice easy techniques for healing psychological issues to help bring deep levels of inner peace
– Use oils to help heal your surroundings
– Learn how to harness essential oils to quiet your mind
Plus a lot more!


Angels 2:
– Receive a $50 kit
– Learn a very different approach in working with Angels known as Theurgy
– Learn how to prep oneself for communing with angelic energies
– Practice a four step process to systemically invoke angels
– Integrate pure energy with consciousness for healing and growth
– Learn the angelic energy associated with the patterns practiced in Plant Prana protocols
– Experience deep shifts
– Move past the conscious mind and do deeper work
– Practice angelic meditations
And more!


Angels 1 Kit:

Clary Sage

Bushy Matgrass

Bay Laurel- or Artemisia 



Angels 2 Kit:

Cape Snowbush

Kapoor Kacheri



We bottle our essential oils to order.