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Did you miss our Achieving Deeper States of Oneness class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email.

We bottle our essential oils to order.

  • receive a gift of an aromatherapy kit worth $150
  • discover the essential oils that help improve meditations and states of oneness
  • use essential oils to increase soul contact
  • essential oils and their impact on their energy body
  • calm your emotions with essential oils
  • use specific patterns to direct essential oils for meditations
  • prepare the energy body for deeper states of stillness and oneness
  • rapidly purge the body of stress and unwanted thought forms
  • experience what the Buddhist call “Streams of Consciousness”
  • invoke a specific Archangel to experience a shift in consciousness
  • condition the energy body to pierce the veils of awareness
  • harness proper brainwave activity to experience deeper meditations
  • practice states that heighten your ability to invoke angels
  • learn how we process information from the soul and how to harness it
  • re-educate aspects of our memory mechanisms that hold us back in meditation
  • learn and practice gentle ways of raising kundalini energy and why that is important
  • plus more
  • We bottle our essential oils to order.


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