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Master Healing Techniques: Advanced Malkuth Technique

  • increase your ability with the unknown or uncertainty 
  • Increase potential of exploring the unconscious
  • Align the the unconscious with the soul
  • Deepen your connection with this aspect of God
  • Diminish negative emotions such as anger
  • Reduce tendency to get triggered
  • Minimize the effects of psychic attack
  • Strengthen the body
  • Deepen meditation 
  • Increase the transmutation of the elements
  • Increase a deeper level of peace within the body

1. Application 

Malkuth is a blend associated with the Divine Essence of God in the Basic Chakra. Malkuth is known as the “Kingdom” or the Kingdom of Forms”.



Sustained Inhalation

3 to 15 breathing cycles 









Back Head

2. Application 


Back Head Blend

Sustained Inhalation

3 to 15 breathing cycles 

Back Head

3. Application


Qof (ק) is the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and is associated with the sefirah (aspect of God) of Malkhut. Malkhut is often referred to as the Kingdom or the Shekhinah, and it represents the realm of physical manifestation, the material world, and our connection to the earth.

Qof is also associated with the Tarot card The Moon, which represents the unconscious, dreams, and the unknown. In Kabbalistic numerology, Qof has a numerical value of 100, which is significant because it represents completion, fullness, and wholeness.

Some Kabbalistic teachings also associate Qof with the concept of the Tree of Life, which is a symbolic representation of the various aspects of God and the universe. In this context, Qof represents the lowest point on the Tree of Life, and it is associated with the physical body and the earth.

The Kabbalistic meaning of Qof emphasizes the importance of connecting with the physical world and honoring our body as a vessel for spiritual expression. It also highlights the importance of embracing the unknown and exploring the depths of our unconscious mind in order to gain deeper insight and understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

a. Application

Hold in the front heart

b. Application 

 Hold the bottle of oil on the chest, then exhale and lower your chin to the chest. Do the following steps a total of 8 or 9 times:

1. Inhale the essential oil thru your nose

2. Hold your breath and then you raise your chin upwards

3. With your chin up, exhale thru your mouth

4. Hold your breath and then you lower your chin to your chest

5. Repeat 2-4 times

c. Application 

Sustained Inhalation

3 to 15 breathing cycles 


Throat Minor

Back Throat

Jaw Minor


Back Head


4. Application

This process diminishes the effects of psychic attacks and negativity from the environment / people

Single Oils:



Hyssop Supreme

Sustained Inhalation

3 to 15 breathing cycles 






Back Throat