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The Physical and Spiritual Aspects of the Vagus Nerve

August 12, 2023 @ 9:00 am August 13, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

The Physical and Spiritual Aspects of the Vagus Nerve

Aug 12 9am-6pm Eastern Time

Aug 13 10am-6pm Eastern Time

Live Sarasota,FL and online Via Zoom

Being taught for the first time.

Early bird through Aug 7th

The Spiritual and Physical Aspects of the Vagus Nerve

Receive a $300 aromatherapy gift kit for this class

The Three Brains

  • Address all three brains in a simple technique
  • Learn the differences between the brain, the brain in the gut, and the root brain associated with the sex chakra
  • Discover how to balance these aspects for proper neurological functioning and emotional well being
  • Diminish issues that cause dysfunction in the Vagus Nerve

Spiritual Aspects of the Vagus Nerve

  • Understand the meaning and application to the “inner breath”, aka the Mystical Breath
  • Explanation and practice involving the Holy Breath aka the Breath of the Holy Spirit
  • Discover the Mystical Fire of the Medulla Oblongata
  • Facilitate greater union between the heart and mind
  • Understand the mechanisms how energy of the heart rises, the pathways that facilitate the movement, and how it builds the Etheric Fire of the crown
  • Learn why the vagus nerve passes over the pulse point of the heart and why that it is important
  • Discuss the physical permanent seed associated with the spiritual cord and why it’s tied to your destiny
  • Learn technique to purify the physical permanent seed and patterns for your future
  • Practice technique to accelerate the building of your spiritual cord

Psychological Aspects

  • Treat aspects that impact depression and mental well being
  • Plays role in the formation of lower emotions
  • Increases your ability to adapt
  • Very soothing when regulated
  • Emotional responses to psychological and physical pain
  • Treat precursors to stress and anxiety
  • Do protocols that impact on social interactions 
  • Address the gut-brain axis and how it impacts your health and well being
  • Discuss and treat the impact of the vagus nerve on trauma and PTSD
  • The vagus nerve plays a role in learning, mental flexibility, and memory mechanisms
  • Increase your mental ability to stabilize your mind in times of chaos

Physical Aspects

  • Directly impacts the aging process
  • Stabilizing to the body when regulated
  • Malfunctioning or depleted vagus nerve may cause or contribute to many health conditions
  • Maintenance is a strong approach for preventing serious health issues
  • impacts blood pressure, heart regulation, digestive control, and respiratory rate
  • Innervates the lungs and is helpful in treating respiratory disorders
  • Swallowing, gag reflex, and aerophagy which impacts respiratory issues and adrenal function
  • Ensures proper functioning of the internal organs
  • An aspect of the triggers associated with the “fight or flight” response
  • Impacts the inflammatory response and the immune response
  • Impacts how we perceive pain and can help inhibit pain sensations
  • Good for improving the pain threshold
  • Important for chronic pain and inflammatory conditions
  • Important for proper lymphatic function and the body’s ability to detoxify
  • Plus more

Here is what’s in this great kit!

Emotional release


Alchemical Sulphur

Alchemical Salt

Alchemical Cobalt

Alchemical Antimony

Alchemical Arsenic


Oregano 5ml

Corsican Marjoram


Red healer


Pulmonary stress support

Joint relief ointment 1oz


Rus Khus 





Protective webs

Camphor Supreme

Camphor BT 2oz


ANS 5ml therapeutic rollerball

Class will be recorded and any time Greg teaches the classes again registers will be able to retake for Free.

$225 – $275 Early Bird $225 through August 7th, Regular Price $275