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Harnessing the Law of Cycles; Three Brains Version 

October 7, 2023 @ 9:00 am October 8, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

Harnessing the Law of Cycles

Oct 7 9a-6p Central

Oct 8 10a-6p Central

Unlock the Hidden Power of Cycles: The Three Brains Version

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey as Greg unveils the enhanced and revitalized “Harnessing the Law of Cycles” class!

For Those Who’ve Been Here Before: If you’ve had the privilege of attending any of the previous “Harnessing the Law of Cycles” classes, get ready to deepen your understanding and unlock new levels of insight. You can join as a retake and continue your enlightening voyage.

For First-Timers: If this is your inaugural encounter with the world of cycles, fret not! You’ll receive access to the invaluable recordings from Greg’s prior classes, ensuring you catch up seamlessly.

But there’s more to this extraordinary experience! As a token of our appreciation, you’ll also receive a specially curated aromatherapy gift set, setting the stage for your transformation.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:

🔄 Mastering the Cycles: Dive into esoteric principles that hold the key to purifying your blood and revitalizing your life force. Gain a profound understanding of how cycles impact your spiritual journey.

🌞 Celestial Guidance: Harness the wisdom of celestial beings associated with the seasons, equinoxes, and solstices. These angels are your guides to higher insights and personal growth.

🧠 The Depths of Psychotherapy: Explore a profound form of psychotherapy that empowers you to shed tendencies that hinder your spiritual progress. Elevate your meditation practices and activate the power of your heart.

Amplify Your Manifestation: Supercharge your ability to manifest your desires and dreams. Bid farewell to the limitations imposed by lower emotions and step into a realm of higher vibrational energy.

🧘 Balancing Your Instincts: Learn to temper and regulate your instinctive mind, harmonizing your thoughts and actions. Cultivate abstract thinking and sharpen your ability to process new information.

🌌 The Art of Detachment: Strengthen your ability to detach from the material world, offering you a clearer perspective on your spiritual path.

And that’s just a glimpse! The class kit includes:

🌿 Small quantities of All Seasons Angels:

  • 🌨️ Winter
  • ❄️ Winter Equinox
  • 🌷 Spring
  • 🌼 Spring Equinox
  • ☀️ Summer
  • 🌞 Summer Solstice
  • 🍁 Autumn
  • 🍂 Autumn Solstice

🌿 All 4 Blood Oils:

  • 🩸 Blood 1
  • 🩸 Blood 2
  • 🩸 Blood 3
  • 🩸 Blood 4

🌿 Aloes

Things the Harnessing the Law of Cycles class will address:

  • Esoteric principles used to purify the blood
  • Utilize the angels connected with the seasons, equinoxes, and solstices
  • Considered a deep form of psychotherapy
  • Diminish tendencies that inhibit spiritual growth
  • Improve your meditations and the activation of the heart
  • Enhance your ability to manifest
  • Diminish the effects of lower emotions
  • Temper and regulate the instinctive mind
  • Cultivate abstract thinking and the ability to process new information
  • Improve your ability for detachment
  • Plus more
Free – $275 Early Bird $225 through Oct 2nd, Regular Price $275, Free Retakes