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A Simplified Approach – Bronchitis

A Simplified Approach – Bronchitis

Please keep in mind that the treatment of Bronchitis involves treating the condition, the secondary bacterial infection that may occur, keeping the body strong and preventing depletion after the condition has subsided, and helping to heal the lung tissue after the fact. This is a simplified approach to the treatment.

Application: massage, diffuser, chakras, sustained inhalation

Single Oils: bay laurel, benzoin, black cumin, camphor, eucalyptus, fir balsam, frankincense, inula, lantana, larch, marjoram, myrrh, myrtle, niaouli, palma rosa, peppermint, pine, ravensara,  rosemary verbenone, sandalwood, sitka, terebinth, thyme, yarrow

Blends: respiratory protection, mucus

  • eucalyptus globulus and radiata are very effective against the viruses that cause bronchitis
  • niaouli is especially good for bronchitis with a strong odor from the breath
  • Thyme (red, white, or benchmark) is especially good taken internally (a few drops in water), and can be beneficial when inhaled
  • Inula is one of the best essential oils for mucus
  • Terebinth has a drying effect on mucus 
  • Myrtle or camphor in a base of lotion or massage oil can be applied to the chest to help with the breath
  • Black cumin (internally) can help reduce inflammation and stimulate the bodies processes for healing
  • The use of Galbanum or myrrh taken internally can help reduce the pain associated with bronchitis
  • Eucalyptus applied to the upper back (preferably Eucalyptus Globulus or Eucalyptus Dives) in lotion
  • Large dosages of ravensara, bay laurel, eucalyptus radiata,  or niaouli on the back and feet can help to support the immune response and the ability to fight off infection.
  • Ginger, frankincense, or peppermint can be helpful in reducing inflammation.
  • The use of Quercetin can be helpful especially if allergies plays a role in the condion. Quercetin also helps to improve immunity
  • The use of peppermint (inhaled or internally in water) or a tincture of cayenne pepper can help to jumpstart the bodies processes
  • 2-3 capsules of goldenseal taken 2-3 times daily helps to stimulate the immune system while breaking down mucus. Goldenseal is also beneficial for lymphatic function.
  • Lobelia capsules can be helpful in relaxing the respiratory tract while improving circulation in the respiratory tract. Take 1 capsule 1-2 times daily.
  • Elderberry is excellent for respiratory issues.
  • Cordyceps can be helpful (after the bronchitis has passed) in healing the lung tissue.
  • Hyssop decumbens, larch, Sitka, ammi visnaga, or myrtle can be used after the passing of the condition to help regulate the breath

Helichrysum can be helpful in reducing scar tissue once the condition has been resolved.

From the Plant Prana Newsletter December 6, 2021.