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The Benefits of Rue


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter March 29, 2021

CIRCULATORY: high blood pressure

GENITO_URINARY: tonic for the womb

IMMUNE: regulates immune response, infectious diseases

DIGESTIVE: weakness of bowels and stomach, colic, flatulence 

NERVOUS: hysteria, strengthens the nerves, stress, may reduce fight or flight response, helps to soothe instinctive responses and triggers

PSYCHOLOGICAL: stress, PTSD, chaotic thinking

ENERGETIC: cutting energetic cords, protection, purifying the physical form to handle greater amounts of spiritual energy, purifies the basic and sex chakras

SPIRITUAL: sustained awareness, facilitates meditation and ceremony

  • in ancient times rue was seen as an antidote to poison, this could be the poison of an unregulated basic chakra which was referred to as wickedness or poison
  • Used in Pagan traditions for protection and magic spells
  • In the past the Catholic Church used rue mixed with holy water and sprinkled on the congregation 
  • Hasidic Jews were taught to use rue in an amulet as a protection from plagues
  • One of the ingredients in the original “ four thieves” formula from the great plagues of Toulouse France in 1628-1631